White Snake is over!  Wow.  What a roller-coaster of a process.  It was a darn good show, it was well received, and in the end I don’t think the teachers from China were dissatisfied with my work.  Anyhow, I was interviewed by a journalist who’d flown all the way from China to see the show, and he assures me that I’ll “be famous in China” though he may have been joking about that.  Also, one of my teachers insists I need to go study in Nanjing, though I can’t really wrap my head around that idea at this point.  Right now what’s actually going through my head is that I’m now halfway through my MFA and really, really need to get my butt in gear with the paperwork for my first committee review.  Erm… I should probably go do that now.  hugs to all- EGD