My goodness, this has been a crazy semester, but it ended very well.  I’m confident that my grades won’t make me cringe too much, anyhow, and I “almost” convinced my 700-level seminar prof that Broadway musicals in the 21st century can occasionally be defined as Brechtian (a feat never before attempted in essay form to my knowledge).  None of my 101 students failed, though one squeaked by with a D- by the skin of her teeth.  I survived Noh theatre, Wyang Golek puppetry and Artodian jug-band performance (the three plays I was in were Sumida River, Deus Ex Machina, and Wiley and the Hairy Man respectively, and I had no free time or homework time for a while there due to rehearsals).  I danced both nihonbuyo and bugaku dances in the school’s end-of-year recital, and I played ryuteki with the gagaku ensemble.  I’m a full-fledged member of the gagaku (ancient Japanese court music) club, now, by the way, not to mention that I’m on the “Late Night Theatre Board” and running the summer festival of new short works.  I’m clearly not sane.  I am also employed, which is a new development!  I’m working the graveyard shift in IT on campus.  Money is a lovely prospect, really.

To wrap things up, I figure I need to write Anna Marie Anomaly this summer, or I’ll never have the time to do all the WWI research necessary to make the story work.  Erm… long story.  I’ll throw details at you later.

Anyhow, off I go!  Maybe I’ll actually write more now that it’s summer, and maybe I won’t.  We’ll see- EGD